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We all have to make a living…how about using your work-week to make a tangible, long-lasting difference in the lives of others? At the Central Oregon Collective, we appreciate and take extra-special care of our employees!  We currently offer careers in the Direct Support Profession, and a variety of human service management positions.

As our services are expanding, we will also have positions in employment services, event planning/coordination, and community outreach. Our goal is to work cooperatively with other area non-profits, to effect more positive change in the areas of low-income housing, homelessness, veteran services, and access to other vital community services for the betterment of our community as a whole!

Browse our current openings and lets see if there’s a fit…we’d love to have you as part of our family!

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Job Openings

Direct Support Professional


Direct Support Professional

Reports To:                    Manager & Lead Support Professional

Program Supervisor:      Director of Business & Finance

Classification:                 Full Time / Hourly Non-Exempt


The Direct Support Professional (DSP) assists the Manager and Lead Support Professional (LSP) in managing the program, including supporting clients to develop and maintain a high quality lifestyle.   The DSP provides supervision and guidance ensures optimal health and safety. DSP’S assist clients to be as independent as possible, and maintain their environment as clean, safe, and hazard free.  Tasks are accomplished through direct support and ensuring compliance with all COC policies & procedures and applicable State OAR’s as well as the implementation of each resident’s Individual Support Plan (ISP).  This position may require overtime to address staffing needs.


Responsibilities include working with the clients as well as assisting the Manager and Lead support professional, which may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Hands on involvement with resident’s daily routine and needs
  • Assistance for residents to perform their personal care, including hygiene, grooming, exercise, range of motion, bladder and bowel care
  • Dispensing medications
  • Maintain a clean and attractive home
  • Work cooperatively and effectively with all staff
  • Assist preparing nutritious meals according to dietary requirements
  • Remain compliant with house etiquette and rules, medication dispensing and administering medically prescribed treatments following documentation requirements
  • Review of pertinent medical history, Behavior Support Plans (BSP), protocols and individual profiles
  • Perform all duties with Central Oregon Collective’s mission, vision and core values in mind
  • Interact respectfully with clients by encouraging support to make choices, develop independence, and to participate in all areas within the community, as well as working with clients 1:1
  • Complete assessments for upcoming Individual Support Plans (ISP’s) as assigned by the Team Leader or House Manager and know how to handle behaviors when they occur
  • Completion of all daily documentation which includes MAR/TAR electronically in ALMSA and/or on paper. All Therap documentation including T-logs, GER’s, data tracking, appointments, monthly weights and vitals, and reading scomms.
  • Work closely with Manager and co-workers to ensure daily schedules are being followed
  • Provide transportation utilizing company vehicles and supervision to ensure residents consistently access and engage in preferred community activities


  • Turn monthly documentation in by the first of each month
  • Know location of cleaning supplies and equipment, food supply, safety equipment, utility systems, and emergency preparedness
  • Maintain awareness of all fire drill requirements and assist in maintaining records of program safety and maintenance
  • Perform other tasks and assume additional responsibilities as assigned
  • Attend and participate in a minimum of 4 hours of pre-service training and 12 hours of job-related in-service training annually thereafter
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by all members of management
  • Assist with completion of weekly van maintenance records and cleaning, inspect and ensure wheelchair tie downs are in proper working order for transportation, maintain accurate recording of van mileage


  • Promote COC’s Mission and Values
  • Uphold COC’s Policies and Procedures
  • Attend and participate in COC’s Team Meetings, as scheduled


  • Pass Criminal History Background Check, and pre-employment drug screening
  • Have a negative TB test result (every 2 years)
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Possess a valid Oregon Driver License or State issued ID
  • If position requires personal transportation, must have proof of insurance and current registration and must be insurable by COC’s auto insurance carrier to drive agency vehicles


  • Lead by example, participate, coordinate and cooperate with your team members and all other COC employees and community partners
  • Exercise sound judgement
  • Detail oriented and self-directed
  • Strong public relation skills, ability to work with families, general public, and people with disabilities
  • Must be able to follow directions, both written and verbal
  • Must be able to attend all assigned shifts, unless advance arrangements have been made


Must have the ability to meet the following physical demands:

  • Be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs., assisted or unassisted, to transfer or lift products or non-ambulatory residents
  • Must be physically able to transfer a person between two points with assistance, which may include twisting, turning and / or bending while lifting/assisting an individual
  • Be able to listen and communicate effectively


  • Certification in CPR and First Aid (every 2 years)
  • Certification in Oregon Intervention System (OIS) (every 2 years)
  • Complete Core Competencies with 60 days of hire
  • All other trainings as required by COC policies and administration


  • The duties outlined in this job description are not all inclusive and additional duties and tasks will be assigned as required.  It is our desire that each employee will offer his / her services wherever necessary to ensure the success of our company
  • Fair Labor Standards Classification:  Non-Exempt / Hourly
  • Central Oregon Collective is an equal opportunity employer


I certify that I have received, reviewed, and understand the qualifications and duties described in this job description and that I am capable of meeting the qualifications and performing the duties described.

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