Client Residences

Central Oregon Collective is proud of our 41 year legacy of providing a safe, supportive and inclusive living environments for our clients to thrive.  We offer 24-hour residential care for individuals with different abilities in one of our six lovely homes located throughout Bend, OR.  These homes provide our clients a relaxed and accommodating setting while working, living and enjoying life!  Each resident has 24-hour support yet are allowed the opportunity to be as independent as possible.

Central Oregon Collective operates a growing fleet of a dozen vehicles, many ADA accessible with wheelchair lifts and the capacity to safely transport a large number of clients.  We have several minivans with lifts to better support our clients, along with a 15 passenger bus to accommodate weekend activities and excursions!  


Features of Our Client Residences

  • 6 lovely Bend, Oregon homes
  • 24-hour residential care
  • Relaxed and accommodating settings
  • ADA accessible vehicles
  • 15 passenger buses for weekend activities and excursions
  • Supportive living environment where residences can thrive!
Central Oregon Collective Group Home


Central Oregon Collective has a 30 year history of working closely with the Deschutes County Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities program, primarily in the areas of residential services.  More recently, we have begun to work with the Deschutes County Mental Health Program to help individuals secure vital housing and in-home supports.  As low-income housing is such a vital need for so many of our citizens, the Collective is working to expand effective partnerships to build stronger and more durable solutions to our communities toughest challenges.

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