Our goal at Central Oregon Collective is to provide opportunities for people with intellectual, physical, and/or developmental disabilities, as well as other community members who face obstacles, to experience full participation in society. Our residents are eager to broaden and enrich their life experiences, create priceless memories, and travel to new places in our stunning Central Oregon home and the surrounding areas. That’s exactly what we get to help them experience at Central Oregon Collective!


Having a career at Central Oregon Collective means that you are joining a family of members who are dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents and community. Our exceptional staff encourages our residents and those who participate in our Community Inclusion Program (CIP)  to participate in their favorite pastimes, hobbies, everyday activities, as well as new experiences that will help them widen their horizons and live a fulfilling life. Whether it’s something as simple as painting in our community room, enjoying the fresh water and scenery of Bend on a sunny day, or going to see an exciting football game, it makes a big impact in our resident’s lives as well as on our extraordinary staff. Through our CIP and regular outings, our residents build social skills and gain self-confidence, which is contributes to their confidence in feeling understood and included in their community.  

Each of our Direct Support Professionals are caregivers that receive free, paid training that equips them with the tools and skills to work with our residents and allows them to better understand the importance of full inclusion in our community. Full inclusion is all about allowing everyone to actively participate in our community without barriers that may otherwise hold them back. This allows each resident and client of ours to feel confident and important in society. It allows them to actively contribute and be a part of something.

The quality time our employees spend with our residents allows them to become more than just workers, but rather friends, to our clients. Our Direct Support Professionals make a significant impact on our residents’ daily lives. They bring a positive, inclusive, and excited attitude – which adds so much light to our community!  

Speaking of our incredible employees, we’d like to introduce Lelania Stewart, who has been an extraordinary caregiver at Central Oregon Collective for the past 5 years. 


Lelania grew up in Redmond, Oregon, and graduated from Redmond High School in 2001. Loving Central Oregon and all that is has to offer, she has stayed in the area and is happily married with two wonderful children.  

Over the past 5 years of working with us, Lelania shared that she loves how her job offers her the opportunity to assist other people in their daily lives. She finds it to be a rewarding and fulfilling experience that allows her to leave a positive impact in our Central Oregon community. Being able to help others and make a difference in their lives helps her get up in the mornings, especially since she’s built incredible relationships with our residents over the years! It always brings her joy when she’s able to put a big smile on their faces. 



For Lelania, a typical day for her would start with arriving to work and seeing how the night went. She always follows up with the night shift to see if there are any updates or priorities, she needs to be aware of. Throughout the day, she proceeds to assist clients with their daily care, take care of appointments, and shopping for client care needs or meal prep. Towards the end of her shift, when the day begins to end, she will check in on her clients and administer the necessary client medications. She enjoys having different tasks to work on throughout her day that keep work interesting and that allow her to provide for her clients in more ways than one.

As we mentioned, our employees get to take our residents out for some fun and exciting activities. With that, all of our employees have a favorite place that they like to visit with our residents. For Lelania, the most exciting place to take residents is Bend’s Sun Mountain Fun Center. Both she and the residents have a great time playing all the games that they have to offer, ordering delicious snacks from their menu, or enjoying mini-golf on a nice day. What a wonderful experience that is and how cool that she gets to make these fun memories with her clients! Working here sounds pretty fun, huh? 😉  

In order to make our inclusion program as successful as possible, Lelania makes sure that each one of our residents feel fully included as part of the community. That is what motivates her to seek new ways to bring them exciting and enriching experiences. 

Central Oregon Collective Direct Support Professionals, like Lelania, are a vital asset in our Bend community. They strive to boost our residents’ quality of life through companionship and care. Thank you so much, Lelania, for your hard work and kind soul. We are beyond grateful to have you as an essential team member and wonderful friend to everyone here at Central Oregon Collective.  


If you are looking for a rewarding, fulfilling, and compassionate job, consider working with us! With a career at Central Oregon Collective, you will have the opportunity to make friends, go on exciting adventures, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Oregon! If you’re ready to make a positive impact on people’s lives, browse our current job openings to learn more about a rewarding career with Central Oregon Collective! We would love to have more fantastic people on our team!  

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