Community inclusion means more than allowing individuals to participate in their community. It means empowering, encouraging, and creating opportunities for individuals to live full and rich lives regardless of social constructs or abilities. An inclusive community provides support and allows for personal choice and meaningful contributions for all.

Unfortunately, society can strongly influence levels of full inclusion and equality, hindering individuals from participating in their own communities and significantly impacting their quality of life. This especially affects those with developmental, intellectual, and/or physical disabilities. 

Areas in which equal opportunity and proper resource accessibility come into play may include:

  • Education 
  • Housing
  • Employment 
  • Recreation 
  • Political engagement 

Cultivating a sense of opportunity and belonging in these areas can have a positive impact on one’s overall physical and mental health. An inclusive community allows for shared experience, thought, connection and acceptance. Participation can lower stress, increase feelings of safety, and encourage meaning in people’s lives, which is something we all seek.  

Other benefits of community inclusion for both individuals and their communities include:

  • Allowing individuals to feel respected and treat others with the same respect 
  • Encouraging the celebration of diversity and difference 
  • Motivating individuals to succeed 
  • Promoting higher self-esteem 
  • Creating long-lasting friendships 
  • Fostering a welcoming and comfortable place to call home 

This is where we come in. Central Oregon Collective strives to make our passion for people a collective mission, regardless of their different abilities. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with developmental, intellectual, and/or physical disabilities, as well as other members of our community who experience barriers to full participation in community life. Our mission is to  focus on supporting these individuals and we focus heavily on amplifying their quality of life and providing them with community inclusion opportunities.

We do our best to build relationships and programs that allow our clients to feel the importance of being an integral part of the community. We believe that we can support their enjoyment of life by focusing on what they are capable of doing, not on what they are limited to To create this inclusive atmosphere, we have built our organization around three core programs.  

 Our core programs consist of: 

Community Inclusion 

  • Community integration focus 
  • Group activities to allow our clients to try new things in a safe and loving environment

Supported Living

  • Apartment style residences 
  • 24-hour supervised care 
  • Assistance in employment, social activities, and relationship building 
  • A place to experience inclusion on a daily basis 

Client Residences

  • 4 lovely Bend, Oregon homes 
  • 24-hour residential care 
  • Relaxed and accommodating settings 
  • ADA accessible vehicles 
  • 15 passenger buses for weekend activities and excursions 

Our goal is and will always be to create a supportive community where residents can thrive! We strive to build a legacy where our clients experience inclusion, meaningful connection, and true joy in their everyday life. Community inclusion allows purpose and meaningful contributions to thrive. This is what we stand for at Central Oregon Collective. 

If you’d like to partner with us in this mission, we would love to connect with you!  

Email: amy@inthecollective.com 

Phone: (541) 388-3060 


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